GOT7’s BamBam Tricked IGOT7’s Into Doing An Epic Dab With Him

Fans may have been tricked into it but everyone loved it:

When it comes to the art of dabbing, no one does it quite like GOT7‘s BamBam. Fans are so used to his dabbing nature, in fact, that they’ve been known to call him “DabDab” on occasion and although fans are used to seeing him do it, absolutely nobody was ready for the epic dab that he tricked fans into doing.


GOT7 recently performed in Oakland, California where they not only stunned everyone with their performances, but had a ton of fun interactions with fans including the moment that BamBam tricked everyone into dabbing with him.


During the concert, BamBam started leading the crowd. When he waved his arms, Ahgase followed and when he paused, so would they!


As fans got more and more into following BamBam’s motions BamBam suddenly stopped moving with one arm in the air. And after Ahgase followed suit…


BamBam dipped down into a dab which in turn set off a chain reaction in the crowd!


Although fans were tricked into doing the dab with BamBam, absolutely nobody is complaining because it was epic!


There’s no doubt that BamBam is the dabbing king!