GOT7 Tried Talking BamBam Into Going Shirtless But He Had Everyone Wheezing With His Reason Not To

Only BamBam would think of that!

GOT7 recently made a stop in Oakland, California for their Keep Spinning tour and while there were plenty of memorable moments from the concert, BamBam‘s shirtless line might be the most memorable (and hilarious) of them all.


During the concert, GOT7 were talking about going shirtless when Yugyeom suddenly suggested that he and BamBam post a topless pic in a month’s time. While fans were all for it, that suggestion was not for BamBam who had one question for everyone.

Guys, have you seen chopsticks?

— BamBam


And why did he ask about chopsticks? Because, he hilariously added, that’s what he looks like sans shirt!

That’s what I look like when I take off my shirt!

— BamBam


But BamBam took things one step further and acknowledged his skinny legend nickname!

You guys know me as skinny legend.

— BamBam


Although the moment was quick, absolutely nobody could stop cracking up at his words…not even Jackson.


And BamBam’s words have already reached legendary status within the fandom. That’s our skinny legend!