GOT7’s BamBam’s Tweet Unintentionally Trends a Former Philippine Senator

Ironically his nickname is also Bambam!

GOT7‘s BamBam got a taste of Manila’s infamous traffic jam on the way to his press conference in line with his participation in the 2022 K-Pop MASTERZ in MANILA Concert. He tweeted fans to inform them why he would be arriving a little late.

Little did he know his innocent tweet would unwittingly trend former senator of the Philippines, Bam Aquino (also known as Paolo Benigno Aguirre Aquino IV) after some Filipino netizens got confused and mistook him for the former senator! captured and shared some of the comments on their Facebook account.

"ANG KULIT" 🤣Former Senator Bam Aquino responds to comments of social media users who have mistaken him as BamBam of…

Posted by on Thursday, 28 July 2022

“So funny! No wonder so many were tagging me. Fun Fact: I really was called Bambam when I was younger. And I did encounter traffic today in QC (Quezon City). Thanks for those who sent these!”

“After serving the government for a long time, you still don’t know that???”

The confusion led to some funny tweets, including one from Bam Aquino himself, sharing an edit of BamBam’s head replacing his in a photo of him wearing his signature yellow shirt.

“Here so that no one gets confused anymore!”

Netizens joined in the fun with some witty tweets.

BamBam staged two successful fan signing events in Cebu and Manila this week. Performing with him in the 2022 K-Pop MASTERZ concert were his GOT7 co-member Jackson Wang and TREASURE.