GOT7’s BamBam Became The Ultimate Matchmaker For A Couple Of Ahgase

Watch out Cupid, BamBam’s the new matchmaker in town!

With Cupid’s bow and arrow in hand, GOT7‘s BamBam recently played matchmaker between two Ahgase and his skills would make Cupid jealous!


GOT7 recently stopped in Manila for their Keep Spinning world tour and once again delivered with flawless performances and more! While there were many amazing moments from the concert, there’s one moment that has gone beyond the concert that has captured everyone’s attention.


During the concert, BamBam noticed an Ahgase in the crowd with a sign asking for BamBam’s help in finding a boyfriend. And once he’d seen her, BamBam decided it was the perfect opportunity to bust out his matchmaking skills, pointing to the first Ahgase and then pointing to another in the crowd.


After BamBam pointed out the two fans, he wasn’t done with Cupid’s arrow quite yet! Shortly after the matchmaking moment, @doublebeom popped onto Twitter and shared exactly how she was feeling after the surprise moment.


But things got even more interesting when @AndreAd9428 saw her tweet and revealed that he was the one BamBam was pointing to!


With the identity of the love interest revealed, @doublebeom followed up with a teasing tweet asking when their first date would be!


While everyone is waiting in anticipation to see what happens next between the two, they’ve also been marveling over BamBam’s matchmaking skills! In fact, BamBam even took over Weibo hot search with “BamBam Helps Fans Find A Boyfriend” trending big!


Looks like BamBam can add being the ultimate matchmaker to his already infinite list of talents!