GOT7’s BamBam Has Found The People He Belongs With: His Members

Celebrate GOT7’s 6th anniversary by taking a trip down memory lane with BamBam.

GOT7 made their debut on January 16, 2014. Six years later, the members and iGOT7 are celebrating their 6th anniversary together.


In honor of this special day, GOT7 has posted handwritten messages on Instagram, and fans are sharing their favorite GOT7 memories.


If the members never met, they never would have made six years worth of happy memories together. Whether it’s coincidence, destiny, or timing that’s “Just Right”, these talented friends found the people they belong with: each other.


Back in February last year, BamBam talked about the special connection he shares with his members, and what it feels like to be reunited with them.

We just had a GOT7 Japan concert. So, I was in Thailand, like almost a whole month. And then, you know, other members, they got their own thing. Like, Mark is going to China and everything. Jinyoung is filming a drama. So, we didn’t see each other for like a month. But then, wow. Like at the airport, man. It’s like…I saw other members for [the first time in] a long time. So, it’s like, dang. It was so good to see them.

— BamBam


You know, like, I spend time with them every day,” he continued. “every day for the whole year. And then I just forgot how good [it is] to have a member, to have a friend.”


“And then, at the airport, I saw my members, and I was like, oh my god. This is my people.”


“How do I forget about the feeling, that I laugh every day, I have someone to talk to, like having fun, joking around…”


“You know, I just forgot the feeling. And…man. That was good. It was a good feeling. It’s so good to have members.”


“And then I just realized how important we have that feeling, that feeling that we have for each other, and how important it is.”


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