GOT7’s BamBam Couldn’t Stop Revealing Yugyeom’s Habits, And He Spilled The Tea

They love each other really!

GOT7‘s BamBam and Yugyeom have been friends for ten years and, after spending so long together, they know each other inside out. The duo recently appeared on the AOMG YouTube channel with fellow artist Hoody, and they showcased just how close their friendship is.

Straight away, the duo was spilling the tea on each other. Very early on, Yugyeom was seen looking and then holding BamBam’s wrist. BamBam couldn’t hide his reaction. According to BamBam, this isn’t something new, and Yugyeom is often seen looking at what the members are wearing.

You…Again! He checks it every time that we meet. What kind of watch I wear, what I wore.

— BamBam

Yugyeom tried to defend himself by explaining that he did it because BamBam had a different watch on from normal. However, BamBam wasn’t going to let him off so lightly. Hoody explained that, before Yugyeom arrived, BamBam wanted to see how much his member had changed.

Yugyeom has his own style. He never pulls his hair back and his shoes. There is one that he always wears; it looks like an iron.


Yugyeom seemed shocked at how well BamBam knew him. Unfortunately, if Yugyeom thought he was off the hook as the trio spoke about music and food choices, he was wrong. Yugyeom was complimenting BamBam’s fashion.

BamBam has big interests in fashion, and he can style himself so well. Anyway, you look cool. So, when I see his outfits, I am like, ‘I should go shopping too…’

— Yugyeom

Yet, BamBam cemented his role as one of the group’s youngest members by replying with a savage bit of TMI.

But you know what? When he actually goes shopping, he always buys the same things. Another pair of iron-looking shoes…

— BamBam

BamBam also couldn’t stop praising Yugyeom throughout the video, including his music, stage presence, and much more. The video just proved how close the two. They can tease each other but also give praise when they know it’s deserved.

You can watch the whole video below.



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