GOT7 Broke An Album Record That Most JYP Artists Haven’t Yet Achieved

Congratulations, GOT7!

GOT7 has recently returned to the K-Pop scene with their album Call My Name.

feat got7

They have since broken the record of highest first week sales in terms of album sales in Hanteo. GOT7 sold an impressive 224,459 copies, where most JYP Entertainment artists sell just under 100,000.


The group beat their own record of 223,844 copies sold with Eyes On You.

eyes on you

GOT7 has since surpassed previous JYP Entertainment artists such as TWICE with their album Feel Special (154,028).

2 twice

Other artists have also sold an impressive amount of albums in the first week, such as Got7’s Spinning Top (214,125), TWICE’s Fancy You (151,051), Stray Kids‘ Clé 1 (62,079), Jus2‘s FOCUS (59,622), Stray Kids’ Clé 2 (45,694), Day6‘s Entropy (42,773), ITZY‘s Icy (32,416), and Day6’s Gravity (31,785).

Check out their latest comeback track “You Calling My Name”!


Source: JYP Charts
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