GOT7’s Mark Was Asked About BTS… And He Revealed One Of His Favorite Songs By Them

Another BTS and GOT7 moment!

GOT7 and BTS are extremely close, and they have had many heartwarming moments throughout the years.

BTS’s V (Left) & GOT7’s Mark (Right)

In a recent Instagram live, GOT7’s Mark showed some love to BTS!

GOT7’s Mark

Mark was asked if he knows BTS during the live broadcast, and he said that he does.

‘Do you know Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS’s name in Korean)?’ Bangtan Sonyeondan? BTS! I do know (Heh).

— Mark

| @marktuan/Instagram

Later in the broadcast, Mark took some song suggestions, and someone recommended BTS’s “Life Goes On.” Mark replied by saying that he’s a fan of this song!

BTS’s ‘Life Goes On?’ Oh, I like ‘Life Goes On,’ too.

— Mark

| @marktuan/Instagram 

Here’s the full video below!