A Fan Took A GOT7 Lightstick To Graduation And The School Went Wild Trying To Identify It

They had no clue what it was!

Special lightsticks for your favorite artists aren’t too common outside of K-Pop so when one GOT7 fan attended his graduation ceremony with an Ahgabong, pure confusion and chaos soon took over his school!


It all started when one student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore, attended his graduation with his Ahgabong. Chronically the events of the ceremony, the school took some special moments from the ceremony and added them to their Instagram Stories.


When they stumbled upon the Ahgase, however, their confusion over his special accessory was evident with their caption!


Soon fans were writing in to tell the school that it wasn’t a magic wand nor was it a karaoke mic, but a GOT7 lightstick.


Finding out the real answer, the school then added another story to their page with the correct identification and some cute emojis to go with it!


Both the school’s response to the presence of the Ahgabong and the graduate’s decision to bring the lightstick along have been putting a smile on fans’ faces.


While the Ahgabong definitely created some serious confusion, it’s also one of the coolest graduation accessories ever! Now, raise your hand if you also want to take your own lightstick along with you to special events like this!