GOT7 fans furious at Wanna One for “stealing” GOT7’s unique concept

Surprised and offended GOT7 fans are storming Twitter, demanding that Wanna One’s label YMC explain their behavior.

They’re raging over Wanna One’s latest promotional tactics, which features 11 necklaces, one for each member.

Wanna One’s concept closely resembles GOT7’s triangular friendship necklaces.

GOT7’s necklaces hold a special meaning to both the members and their fans.

GOT7 Wears Mysterious Necklaces With Secret Meaning

GOT7 explained the concept of the necklace earlier this year.

“7 people with each different necklaces were roaming around alone… until they find each other.

The idea is that these strangers come together to become one.”

— GOT7

Though Wanna One’s music video has not been released yet, the idea behind it is that people come together through 11 different necklaces.

YMC is especially under fire for plagiarizing and trying to monetize something that is of sentimental and emotional value to GOT7’s identity.

The label caused further controversy when they blocked the hashtag #YMC_표절_피드백 (#YMC_plagiarism_feedback). Angry GOT7 fans and audiences are now using #피드백_줘라_와_이엠_C (#Give_Feeback_Y_M_C).

As of today, YMC has not yet released an official statement, and fans are still waiting for an explanation.