GOT7 Fans Outraged After Mark Is Forced To Eat Using His Hands During Broadcast

Fans are furious at JYP and the staff of this live broadcast for disrespecting Mark.

Fans have been outraged by how Mark was treated on a live broadcast that featured GOT7.

Source: Instagram


The members were enjoying a nice meal on the live broadcast.


However, there must have been a lack of utensils as Mark could be seen using his hands to eat his salad.

He did have a spork and was using it for other food, but it was not appropriate for the salad.


So, Mark asked the staff for some chopsticks.


When he received the chopsticks, however, his expression looked pretty shocked and upset.


Apparently, the staff had given him used chopsticks instead of a new one. Mark ended up not using them.


Some have claimed that the used chopsticks were the staff’s way of playing a joke. However, fans made it clear that even if it was a joke, it is unacceptable.


Moreover, fans have been furious at the staff for disrespecting Mark in this way, whether it is a joke or not, mentioning how much worse he may be treated off camera.


These trending posts have been hashtagged #JYPPlzApologizeToMark, demanding an apology from his agency.


Mark’s Chinese fan community MarkTuanBarCN has even written a letter to JYP Entertainment demanding fair treatment towards all members of the group.


Watch the full live broadcasting below: