GOT7 Sent A Food Truck To Actor Kim Sang Joong And The Whole Internet Is Confused AF

Fans don’t know the story behind the food truck but they’re ready to support!

Normally when idols send support food trucks, fans know there’s a very sweet reason behind it. Sometimes it’s a show of support for one of their closest friends, other times it’s something special for their sunbaes, and sometimes it’s for someone that they grew close to when they worked on a project together.


While it’s normal for fans to know exactly why their idols sent a food truck, Ahgases are scratching their heads after seeing GOT7‘s latest food truck to actor Kim Sang Joong.


GOT7 recently posted a series of photos to the social media accounts showing the veteran actor with the support truck that they had sent him. In addition to the photos, GOT7 also posted a cryptic message about how they got to know Kim Sang Joong.

GOT7 prepared coffee and snacks Kim Sang Joong sunbaenim. We are cheering you on and are thankful to have a sunbae like you in our lives. By the way, how did GOT& get in touch with Kim Sang Joong sunbaenim?


While sending a food truck isn’t really odd, the cryptic message had fans trying to think of a connection between him and GOT7. But no matter how long they thought about it they simply couldn’t think of a connection.


Although everyone was incredibly confused about the latest food truck, some fans did think that the photos and the cryptic message might be a hint for something. Some Ahgases have even been predicting that it has something to do with GOT7’s upcoming comeback or even a drama.


As the mystery behind the food truck continues to play out, GOT7 are preparing for their SPINNING TOP comeback later this month!