GOT7’s Jackson Blew Everyone’s Mind With His Bottle Cap Challenge

Jackson proved he is the master of the bottle cap challenge!

The bottle cap challenge is the latest viral challenge that’s been sweeping the world and as more and more idols have tried the challenge for themselves, fans were crossing their fingers that GOT7‘s Jackson would take the challenge too!


Luckily for all of us, Jackson decided to give the challenge a try himself! On July 16, Jackson uploaded a video of himself taking the challenge and proved that he is the true bottle cap challenge master!


Although Jackson made us all think he had missed the bottle with the kick, he had something else in mind!


With a little superpower activation, Jackson was blowing everyone’s mind with his amazing challenge result!


But that wasn’t the only part of Jackson’s challenge that was blowing everyone away. When fans caught sight of the very shirtless Jackson with his abs on full display…well…absolutely no one was okay!


With Jackson attacking us all with his visuals and the most Jackson bottle cap challenge ever, we’re not sure we’ll ever get over it!