BTS’s RM Did Something Special For GOT7 Jackson’s Birthday

It’s proof that the friendship between “GOTBANG” is still going strong.

GOTBANG fans, rejoice! The friendship between GOT7‘s Jackson and BTS‘s RM lives on!


These rap stars have known each other for years, and fans love seeing them together, even though it doesn’t happen too often. RM and Jackson haven’t had many on-camera interactions, but the ones they have had are hilarious and memorable.


Fans will never forget that time RM and Jackson bickered backstage…


…or the time Jackson asked RM to go easy on him in a rap battle.


Jackson once accused RM of pretending to be busy so that he wouldn’t have to hang out with him, but it’s all just jokes. RM and Jackson both have jam-packed schedules these days, but they haven’t forgotten each other.


On March 29, Jackson talked about his friendship with RM in a live stream with fans. He said that RM sent him a birthday message right as he turned another year older.

At 12:01, he sent me a message: “Happy Birthday, brother.”

– Jackson


Jackson was happy to receive that message and surprised that RM remembered his birthday.

He said ‘happy birthday’, and I was like “Wow, you remember? Damn!”.  And then he was like, “Yeah, I remember”.

– Jackson


“Thank you for remembering,” he messaged RM. “All the best.”


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