GOT7 Jackson Caught Looking At Adult Pictures On Instagram

But he made a new fan!

GOT7 Jackson‘s recent Instagram activity has caused a lot of controversy with fans. Jackson was on Instagram when he was caught liking a picture by a model who is known to post risqué pictures.

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Some fans who were avidly following him noticed the like. And many of them quickly took a screenshot to capture the moment.


Within moments fans flocked to the user’s Instagram to comment and tag Jackson.

  • “Hi Jackson~”

  • “Omo Jackson! What is this? Watcha be doing on Insta?”


  • “Jackson LOL!”


Others tried to stick up for him, seeing nothing wrong with him liking the picture.

  • “Just stop commenting about Jackson! It’s his decision what he watches on Instagram and it’s totally fine! Just don’t make him uncomfortable by commenting under this pic about Jackson! He’s a human, everyone.”

  • “Aye leave mah baby boy alone okay? Y’all, he’s a man too it’s understandable.”

  • “Let Jackson live. LOL, guys are gonna be guys!”

  • “It’s not a big deal. STOP IT.”


Meanwhile, Jackson quickly unliked the photo. This led many fans to believe he had accidentally liked the photo in the first place.

  • “It’s just an accident. Calm down.”

  • “Stop tagging Jackson, how rude! He already unliked the pic.”

  • “He unliked it. Stop giving him a hard time.”

  • “LOL. He accidentally liked this post!”

  • “He accidentally clicked the like button and double tapped the wrong picture. It’s happened to me before. He is a busy time and has no time to stalk this account!”


Whether he meant to like the photo or not, his brief actions not only caught the eyes of his fans but also the model. Rumor has it, she is now following Jackson on Instagram. Looks like Jackson might have made himself a new fan!

Source: @kkvsh