GOT7’s Jackson Had A Crash Course In Dumpling Making And This Is What Happened

His dumpling making skills were put to the test:

GOT7‘s Jackson is a man of many talents. He’s an amazing rapper, dancer, and fencer just to name a few! And now he’s a dumpling making master too!


Jackson recently teamed up with First We Feast and Hannah and Marian Cheng of Mimi Cheng’s in New York to create the perfect dumplings to share with friends.


Almost at once, Jackson revealed that this would be the first time he’s ever really made dumplings which meant that he would have to have a quick crash course in the art of making the tasty food! With the help of the two sisters, he quickly learned the difference between dumplings and wontons…


And how to make them too!


While there were some parts of the learning process that Jackson had trouble with like not eating the dumplings as soon as they came out of the pan…


His crash course seemed to be pretty successful! But he had one more obstacle to overcome, his friends’ opinions on the food!


With a 9.5 from his friends and a whopping 10 from his friend’s dumpling loving granny, Jackson’s homemade dumplings were a big success!


So it looks like Jackson can add dumpling master to his long list of amazing qualities. Is there anything he can’t do! Check out the full dumpling experience in the video below!