GOT7’s Jackson Decided To Stand Up For Youngjae Against Their Boss, Park Jin Young

Don’t diss a GOT7 member in front of Jackson.

GOT7‘s Jackson is quite the savage and is someone who is never afraid to speak his mind.

Jackson after getting asked a question

Even Park Jin Young isn’t safe from Jackson’s savage remarks.

During an episode of Knowing Brothers, Youngjae was asked to give a small performance to show off his vocals.

After Youngjae’s performance, Park Jin Young critiqued him, saying that he opened his mouth too wide while singing.

Park Jin Young then explains that opening your mouth too wide causes air to get consumed too quickly.

BamBam then decided to ask Park Jin Young if he could perform the same song Youngjae sang, which caused laughter from everyone.

After Park Jin Young’s performance, Jackson decided to stand up for Youngjae a bit, as he critiqued Park Jin Young for not opening his mouth wide enough.

There’s more in the full video below!