Jackson Directed GOT7’s “ECLIPSE” Dance Practice And It’s Guaranteed To Make You LOL

Director Jackson created a hilarious masterpiece!

Every time GOT7 has a comeback, fans wait in anticipation for the moment when they start to release their dance practice videos. With boyfriend versions, pajama versions, and part switch versions delighting everyone in the past, Ahgases couldn’t wait to find out what GOT7 would bring for their latest hit “ECLIPSE”.


While fans are used to their unique concepts, absolutely nobody was prepared for what GOT7 brought to the table this time! GOT7 got Ahgases ready for the release with a few mysterious tweets naming Jackson as the director behind the special version.


When it finally dropped, director Jackson certainly brought his hilarious A-game! From the very moment it started and fans caught a glimpse of the members in astronaut costumes, including three very unique versions, they knew they were in for a very wild ride.


And they certainly didn’t disappoint. From slow-mo moments…


To supersonic ones, the song kept everyone on their toes as it sped up and slowed down at random!


Include a good dose of GOT7’s hilarious and playful personalities and you got a brand new unforgettable dance practice!


Dramatic entrances and exits, unpredictable speeds, and a healthy dose of GOT7’s signature playfulness, this dance practice is already reached legendary status! Get ready to appreciate Jackson’s directing skills in the hilariously amazing dance practice video in the video below: