GOT7’s Jackson Wants To Go On Vacation With EXO’s Lay And Fans Are So Ready For It To Happen

Fans really want this to happen!

EXO-Ls and IGOT7’s are totally ready to make sure GOT7‘s Jackson and EXO‘s Lay get a little rest, some major relaxation, and a whole lot of amazing friendship moments.


Although Lay and Jackson have been friends for a very long time, they don’t often get a lot of time to hang out together since they both have packed schedules. Which is why fans were absolutely ecstatic when Jackson revealed he would love to go on vacation with Lay!


During a recent interview, Jackson was naming some of his celebrity friends he would love to go on vacation with.


Although Jackson had already named a few other friends he could imagine going on vacation with, he was supposed to pick one friend and that friend was Lay!


Jackson revealed that he would really like to go on vacation with Lay but it was unlikely that it would happen because Lay is always so busy.


But busy or not, when fans heard that Jackson wanted to go on vacation with Lay they immediately gave their blessing…


And cheered him on to make the vacation a reality since both of them definitely deserve some nice rest and relaxation time!


Although a vacation together may or may not be in the cards for the two besties, everyone is sincerely hoping that it comes true!