GOT7’s Jackson Had His Feelings Hurt On National TV, But Acted Like It Was No Big Deal

We must protect this cinnamon roll at all costs.

GOT 7‘s Jackson previously made an appearance on KBS‘s A Look At Myself. At the time, he revealed his favorite variety show was X-man, at which point it was suggested that they play a game from the show—the “of course” game, a game in which you have to say “of course” in response to the other person in order to win!

As seen below, you automatically lose the game if you can’t say, “of course”!

Source: KBS World/YouTube

The difficult part of playing the game is that you’re agreeing with potentially rude or hurtful statements about yourself or others! In the end, it was agreed that Kim Jongmin and Jackson would be playing against one another.

Source: KBS World/YouTube

They decided to start the game off on an easy note…

Source: KBS World/YouTube

… In this case, Kim Jongmin said, “You dance well. So many girls like you, right?” Because it was a compliment, it was easy for Jackson to agree and say, “Of course!

Source: KBS World/YouTube

But, as the game went on, their words became more fierce.

Source: KBS World/YouTube

Jackson won in the end, but he admitted that some of the words hurt—particularly the ones that rang true!

I’ve been hurt since the beginning.


Source: KBS World/YouTube

Aww! Even though it’s just a game and he was able to laugh it off, it’s sad thinking about peak boyfriend material Jackson Wang being hurt by unkind words.

Watch the whole clip below: