GOT7’s Jackson Saw A Fendi Tracksuit While Shopping What He Did Next Was So Jackson

This is what happens when the “Fendiman” sees Fendi:

Releasing a track called “Fendiman” in May 2018 and appointed as the ambassador of Fendi China in January 2019, there’s no denying that GOT7‘s Jackson really is a “Fendiman!” And his love of Fendi made him do something so Jackson when he spotted a Fendi tracksuit while out shopping.


Jackson recently headed out with Vogue to shop for the perfect tracksuit.


While he found lots of interesting tracksuits and other items he wanted to try on, as well as, dished on all sorts of interesting topics like what he’d wear on a date when he saw a Fendi tracksuit on one rack of clothes, well, his reaction was pure Jackson! Firstly, he showed off his love for Fendi by pointing out his favorite pieces.

Oh, hey. You know what this is. This is the stuff that’s just perfect. This is the only hoodie I would wear. It’s not boring, it’s not too much, but there’s this special point that makes it shine. Yeah, I have a song called ‘Fendiman’ and I’m a Fendiman.

— Jackson


And then, being the “Fendiman” that he is he started singing, what else, “Fendiman”!


His song caused some laughter from the cameraman and some embarrassment from Jackson.

Aye. I feel so embarrassed! What am I even doing right now?

— Jackson


But he quickly recovered and showed off his ambassador skills!

Quick advice for everyone watching this video, buy Fendi.

— Jackson


Check out the very Jackson reaction plus a whole lot more in the video below: