GOT7’s Jackson Finally Revealed The Real Reason He’s So Hot

Is rice the real reason Jackson is so hot after all?

For the longest time, Ahgases have believed for the longest time that the number one reason GOT7‘s Jackson is so handsome and hot was because he eats rice, but Jackson has just revealed what it really is!


Back in 2014, Jackson appeared on an episode of After School Club and dropped his biggest secret ever that rice is what made him so hot! His words quickly became one of Ahgases favorite inside jokes!


Although his secret to looking so good was revealed back then, it’s always been a favorite running joke but now Jackson has finally revealed what truly makes him so handsome! During Buzzfeed‘s latest 30 questions in 3 minutes video, Jackson was the main guest. Answering all sorts of hard questions like if the chicken or egg came first, Jackson stole a whole lot of hearts.


But things also got very interesting indeed when Jackson first revealed his best pickup line!


Then had to answer a question about his good looks. At first, the question seemed to catch him a bit off guard…


— Jackson


But when he was asked what else he ate to become so hot, Jackson came back with this!

“Oh my goodness, I’m Chinese! Next!”

— Jackson


Fans have been loving the fact that this question was asked and have been cracking up over his very Jackson answer.


Make sure you check out even more of his sweet, hilarious, and oh so Jackson answers that will definitely make you fall even harder for him in the full video below.