Jackson Got The Fright Of His Life From An Unexpected Visitor During GOT7’s Halloween Mukbang

Jackson couldn’t get away from the creepy-crawly uninvited guest fast enough!

When it comes to all things spooky, GOT7‘s Jackson tends to stay far far away. After all, he’s encountered a few too many ghoulish surprises on Real GOT7 but when it was time for GOT7 to do a special Halloween mukbang, Jackson was ready to brave any chilling treats for Ahgase. What he wasn’t prepared for though was something even spookier than Halloween-themed treats — an uninvited insect guest!


This year, GOT7 had a fun Halloween-themed mukbang with the members trying out different sweets and doing a bit of ASMR too!


With Mark, Jinyoung, and Jackson together for one segment of the mukbang, things were going pretty smoothly as they munched through some tasty treats and got their ASMR on.


That peace, however, didn’t last long when they had an uninvited guest at their table! With a shout of surprise and an impressive flying leap, Jackson sprung away from the table while Mark and Jinyoung looking around in confusion.


After his surprise reaction, Jackson revealed the culprit behind his quick getaway — an insect!

Sorry, there was an insect!

— Jackson


While Jackson was able to shake the creepy-crawly, even when he sat back down he had to make sure it wasn’t lurking around ready to sneak up on him again!

I was surprised! I was really surprised!

— Jackson


Luckily for Jackson, he didn’t get any more surprises from the uninvited guest and was able to enjoy the rest of the Halloween treats in peace. Check out Jackson’s Halloween encounter in the video below: