GOT7’s Jackson Got So Pissed When A Fan Was Pushed To The Ground, He Went To Find The Culprit

“I’ve never seen him so angry before.”

A GOT7 fan was pushed by a photographer and Jackson reacted chivalrously, telling the man not to push girls.

The female fan was holding an umbrella over Jackson because it was raining when a man pushed her so hard she fell.

Jackson saw it and stopped, looking back to make sure the girl was okay.

He continued walking but said loudly, “you shouldn’t push girls“.

Jackson was visibly angry and, although he continued in silence for a while, looked for the man. He told him again to his face, “you shouldn’t push girls”.

Jackson looked so angry that his security guard had to encourage him to keep walking and turn away from the man.

Jinyoung also looked very unimpressed behind Jackson as he yelled at the man, although according to netizen accounts Jinyoung tried to calm Jackson down.

Netizens are praising Jackson for defending the girl and for how much he clearly cares for his fans.

Fans also can’t get over how angry Jackson seems, and the fact the security guard seemed like he had to stop him from fighting.

According to fans, the man who pushed the girl was a paid photographer who was unable to get his shots because of the girl’s umbrella.

Jackson isn’t the only GOT7 member filmed helping out their fans, asย JB stopped to help some fans who had fallen in the rush of bodies.

It’s clear that Jackson and the other GOT7 members are definitely more than just talented entertainers and handsome faces!