GOT7’s Jackson Made A Hilarious Request To Fans About Their Photos Of Him

He’s seen the pictures fans upload and had one thing to say about them:

Every single picture of GOT7‘s Jackson can, and will, make you fall even harder for him! But when it comes to these photos, Jackson had one request to make from fans!


At a recent fanmeeting, Jackson surprised fans by not only revealing that he had seen their fan taken photos of him, but that he also had something to say about them!


During one portion of the event, Jackson caught fans snapping photos of him and soon had everyone cracking up with his request! He wanted to let fans know that they should take the pictures well and carefully consider which ones to upload!

You have to pick the pictures well before you upload them!

— Jackson


Why? So that the more meme-worthy photos wouldn’t get the top spot online!

The pictures clearly showed a cool angle but they were…

— Jackson


Jackson even helped fans to identify the types of pictures he was talking about by giving a quick demonstration!

Don’t choose pictures like these! Let’s choose with sensibility, okay? Thanks!

— Jackson


Although Jackson might want to see more handsome photos, let’s be real, every photo with Jackson shows off how handsome he is!


Check out the full moment featuring Jackson’s request in the video below: