GOT7’s Jackson And Mark Once Got Into An Argument When They Were Trainees Because Of Some Stretching

Jinyoung jokingly said that Jackson became nice to Mark after this.

The GOT7 members have honest and funny personalities, and during a live broadcast, Mark and Jackson revealed that they once got into an argument during stretching lessons.

GOT7’s Jackson
GOT7’s Mark

The members revealed that when they were trainees, they had stretching lessons. These stretching lessons were extremely difficult, and some of the members even cried during them!

Jackson then shared that he once argued with Mark during one of these stretching lessons.

At the time, Jackson was against the wall, and his legs were spread to the point where they hurt. Not only that, but Jackson was feeling a little sensitive that day.

JB then laughingly shared that after Jackson got angry, Mark “grabbed Jackson’s hair and turned it around.”

Mark then explained that he was holding one of Jackson’s legs, and their instructor told him to push Jackson’s leg a bit further.

Mark listened to the instructor, and Jackson suddenly got mad at Mark for stretching his legs too much. Mark didn’t understand why Jackson was mad, as he was only doing what the instructor told him to do.

Jinyoung then jokingly said that after this incident, Jackson suddenly started being extremely nice to Mark.

Jackson jokingly replied by saying that he didn’t want Mark to grab his hair again.

Just another story to GOT7’s brotherly friendship!

Source: Naver Live