GOT7’s Jackson Math Lesson Is Way More Hilarious Than It Has Any Right To Be

Only Jackson could make math that fun!

It’s probably safe to say that math isn’t exactly the most fun subject in the world, but when math meets GOT7‘s Jackson…well…you know it’s going to be good!


Ahgases first got a taste of Jackson’s math magic when he teamed up with singer, actor, and friend Jam Hsiao and taught us how 1+1=Jackson.

Hello, I’ll be teaching everyone math today. 1+1= 王 (Wang). 王+2…

— Jam Hsiao


When one plus one are combined they look like the character for Jackson’s last name (Wang). And when Wang is combined with 2, it sounds just like Jackson’s Mandarin name, Wang Jia Er. Hence Jackson’s sudden appearance at the end of the clip!


While fans got a big laugh out of his first math lesson, they’re getting an even bigger one out of his second! Jam recently took a second crack out of teaching everyone the math problem and to ensure that Jackson wouldn’t suddenly pop out of nowhere, Jackson was tied to a chair and dragged from the room.

Hello everyone, today I will teach you math. But before we start, we have to tie Wang Jia Er up and take him away.

— Jam


And as Jam began teaching the same lesson again, things were going smoothly…


Until the camera panned back up and instead of Jam, it was Jackson!


The surprise turn of events was not what everyone was expecting and it’s really no wonder that fans can’t stop cracking up over the extra math lesson.


Only Jackson can make math this fun!