GOT7’s Jackson Once Revealed The Reason Why He Broke Up With One Of His Girlfriends

It was for a simple reason.

During an episode of A Look at Myself, GOT7‘s Jackson revealed some details about one of his past breakups.

Jackson was asked if he’s had a girlfriend since he came to Korea, and he answered honestly with a “Yes“.

When asked when this relationship occurred, Jackson once again answered honestly and shared that he had a girlfriend as soon as he came to Korea.

The girl Jackson was dating was around the same age as him.

When asked why they broke up, Jackson gave a simple answer and shared that they broke up since he had to debut.

Jackson then went a bit more in-depth and revealed that he wasn’t successful at the time and couldn’t treat his girlfriend well, so he thought it would be best to break up with her.

Here’s the full episode below!