GOT7’s Jackson Was Once Stunned By ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo’s Handsome Visuals

They are both stunning!

GOT7‘s Jackson and ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo once got into a tiny debate over who is more handsome! Let’s be honest, they are both unbelievably gorgeous!

Back in 2017, Somi and Eunwoo were the main MCs of a show called Idol Battle Likes and they filmed an episode with GOT7 as their guest stars!

The episode started out great with all the members entering the stage. While the members sat in their chairs, many noticed Jackson was absent from his seat. He later made a grand entrance and greeted his close friend Somi casually but quickly got more formal when he got to Eunwoo.


From his first interaction with Eunwoo, the episode got incredibly adorable. As he shook Eunwoo’s hand, Jackson couldn’t help but take a couple of quick glances at Eunwoo’s handsome face.


Later on, Jackson raised his hand and asked a random question. Jackson looked to Eunwoo and asked, “How are you so handsome?” Since Jackson is clearly also incredibly gorgeous, Eunwoo replied, “You’re more handsome.

Jackson and Eunwoo then made the most adorable gestures to each other and the moment was absolutely precious!

Eunwoo was quite flustered by the moment and Jackson cooled down with a sip of water. The two are too cute!

Check out the video below: