Jackson Proved He’s GOT7’s Biggest Fan By Going Full Fansite Master

Now we just need Jackson to open his own fansite:

During one of GOT7‘s recent fan events, Jackson proved once again that he’s GOT7’s biggest fan by going full fansite master on them!


At the COEX fansign event, Jackson gave fans a special surprise…by turning into a fan himself! During the event, while the rest of the members were still meeting with fans Jackson headed to sit with Ahgases and share in some of the fan experiences too!


In fact, he even tried out the role of fansite master!


After borrowing a camera from a fan, Jackson snapped some pictures of his members while taking the time to line up the perfect shots!


When he was done, he returned the camera to the fan and commented on all their hard work!

This is so tiring! You have all worked so hard!

— Jackson


Later, one of the photos that Jackson took was uploaded online showing off his impressive photography skills!


Fans have been loving the moment and have been calling him GOT7 and BamBam’s biggest fan.


Now we just need Jackson to open up his own fansite!