Fans Are Applauding Jackson For His Response To Trolls Asking “Solo Or GOT7”

They love his epic response:

Jackson has proven time and time again that he is, and always will be a member of GOT7. Fans know he loves his members and Ahgases with all his heart. Unfortunately, he recently had to deal with trolls who questioned his love for them.


Jackson recently held a livestream where he spent time chilling and chatting with fans. Throughout the entire livestream, Jackson couldn’t keep the smile off his face while answering Ahgases’ questions.


His smile, however, was later replaced by a very serious expression when some haters decided to ask Jackson to choose between his solo career or GOT7. But his serious expression was only the tip of the iceberg because Jackson was not standing for what they were suggesting. He soon took them to task for even making the suggestion…

Solo or GOT7? Stop it, man. What are you trying to do? Create conflict? Stop it. There is no conflict. Like I’m in GOT7. What are you talking about? Stop it!

— Jackson


Before telling them that, no matter what, Team Wang is a part of GOT7.

Whatever I’m doing, Team Wang is my own color, it’s my own flavor. As I told you, see my interview, it’s a part of the group. It’s a color in the group.

— Jackson


Jackson continued telling them that it was useless to keep repeating these types of questions and told them to stop.

So stop it, stop it, please. You’re just going to waste your time asking me these questions. Stop it.

— Jackson


Right after he’d finished, Jackson read another comment that prompted him to go even further and clarify that GOT7 will always be his brothers.

I want to focus on my own music because I want to make songs that are suitable for me. You never know what’s going to happen in the future but I’m saying I’m here so there’s nothing to worry about. As I said they’re my brothers. Once a brother always a brother you know.

— Jackson


His words finally shut down the trolls. Although Jackson seemed upset by the questions, he was able to finish the livestream on a high note thanks to Ahgases! Meanwhile, fans began applauding Jackson for his epic response…


And the way he was able to shut down the trolls!