GOT7’s Jackson Revealed His Foolproof Way Of Learning Languages

Jinyoung thought his method matched Jackson perfectly!

With languages like Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, English, and French under his belt, GOT7‘s Jackson is the master of learning languages. In the past, Jackson has dropped some of his language secrets during his episode of GOT2DAY with Jinyoung, he provided some of his foolproof language learning tips!


During the show, Jackson and Jinyoung got on the topic of language when Jinyoung brought up how he’s been studying English lately and then complimented Jackson on his own impressive language skills.

I think your Korean is the best of all of us. I’ve been studying English these days and I realized you have this wit.

— Jinyoung


Although Jackson said he spoke several languages but wasn’t 100% fluent in all of them, Jinyoung wasn’t letting Jackson sell his language skills short!

Even if you aren’t super fluent, the fact that you can speak all these languages… You’re like a computer!

— Jinyoung


After Jinyoung’s praises, Jackson decided to share some of his tips with Jinyoung and everyone else! Starting with his first tip, Jackson revealed you should know a little bit about the culture first.

If you want to pick up a foreign language, you should know the culture first.

— Jackson


After learning about the culture, Jackson’s next step was to learn the humor of the culture and find out what’s funny to everyone.

Once you familiarize yourself with the culture, you need to learn the humor of that country. Learn a person’s lifestyle. Learn what’s regarded as humorous in that country.

— Jackson


With culture and humor taken care of, Jackson final step was to simply observe and then watch plenty of variety shows in that language. And after Jinyoung had heard all of Jackson’s tips he had nothing but praise for the language master!

You need to observe. Then you watch a lot of entertainment shows in that language. That’s how I learned foreign languages.

— Jackson


With Jackson’s tips maybe we can all be language masters too. Check out more of Jackson’s tips as well as more amazing interactions between Jinyoung and Jackson below: