GOT7’s Jackson Sent A Realistic But Encouraging Message To His Younger Self

His words are something we can all take to heart:

The path to becoming a successful idol is certainly not an easy one for anyone and for GOT7‘s Jackson, there were even more steps on his path to success.

Although all his hard work paid off, Jackson let his younger self know that it would too through a realistic yet incredibly encouraging message.

Answering questions sent in by fans through the #AskJacksonWang hashtag with @TwitterMusic, Jackson was asked what message he would send his younger self.

In true Jackson fashion, he didn’t hold anything back not even the difficulties that his younger self would face on the road he would take. “Hey, it’s gonna be hard. It’s gonna be stressful. It’s gonna be unfair. A lot of obstacles are going to pull you down on this path,” Jackson began his message.

| @JacksonWang852/Twitter

Knowing the obstacles were worth it in the long run, Jackson continued his message encouraging his younger self to, “Hang in there. Don’t let anything disturb you. Go full out and never give up.

| @JacksonWang852/Twitter

Jackson’s words may have been to his younger self, but they definitely apply to all of us too! Watch the full message Jackson sent to himself below: