GOT7’s Jackson Did Something Sweet When He Noticed A Shy Ahgase

The fan was extremely shy since GOT7 was right in front of them!

The GOT7 members love Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) dearly, and Jackson once did something sweet when he noticed a shy Ahgase.

GOT7’s Jackson

During GOT7’s guest appearance in SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show, an Ahgase sent a message thanking Jackson for his kind act.

GOT7 visited a place where I work, and despite being a fan for so long, I was so shy and only stared at them. Maybe Jackson realized after seeing my red face, but he reached out his hand to hold mine and talked to me. I was so thankful.

— Ahgase

| IGOT7 subs/YouTube

After this story got shared, Jackson had a playful reaction and asked when this incident occurred.

| IGOT7 subs/YouTube 

Jackson then admitted that he did do this heartwarming act to the fan, which led to a lot of praise.

| IGOT7 subs/YouTube

Jackson then said that this was the “obvious” thing to do!

| IGOT7 subs/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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