GOT7’s Jackson Talked About Overcoming Problems And It’s The Reminder We All Need

He gave amazing advice on how to overcome your problems:

Every single one of us faces challenges in our lives and although GOT7‘s Jackson isn’t able to solve these problems for us, he just gave some pretty spectacular advice on how to overcome any of the ones that are in the way of our dreams and it’s the reminder we all need to hear.


Jackson and Yugyeom recently went live where they answered fans’ burning questions and melted hearts with their playful interactions.


That’s not all, however. During one part of the live Jackson saw a comment asking how he finds motivation even when he’s unhappy and in response, Jackson didn’t hold back at all. He started off by reminding everyone that no matter what we do problems will always come up.

How do I get motivated? I just feel like, in life, you’re always going to run into problems. There are always obstacles to bring you down. Like, let’s say you have a goal. You have a target and your vision in life is trying to achieve it. There’s always something that is going to pull you down. There are always problems. Problems after problems after problems. It’s never going to end.

— Jackson


But where there are neverending problems, Jackson added that no problem can come between our visions and dreams.

But for me, you just have to suck it up. You know? Like problems are always going to come up. So what. In order to execute and do what I want to do…screw all the problems.

— Jackson


And that all those problems that we deal with, just makes us stronger.

You know like, just overcome them and that’s how you become stronger. Every problem that you face, you just get stronger and stronger. You learn from them and then you will be okay! That’s just my vision.

— Jackson


Jackson also dropped another reminder about overcoming problems on his Weibo page, letting fans know it’s okay to slowly overcome problems too.

When you are stressed, don’t panic. There will be a solution to your problems. Resolve it slowly, step by step. It will be okay, believe me.

— Jackson


Although the advice was a simple reminder to never let obstacles come between us and our dreams, his words have been hitting fans hard.


Hear everything Jackson had to say on the topic in the video below: