GOT7 Tried A Number Of Hilarious Ways To Stop Jackson From Stealing Glances At His Lyrics On Stage

They put their plans into action during the Europe leg of their tour:

GOT7‘s Jackson has always been hilariously upfront with his penchant for forgetting lyrics and his members are well-aware of this too! In fact, during a game of “How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?” with Billboard back in July, all of them named Jackson as the most likely to forget the lyrics!


But even if Jackson is known for forgetting the lyrics, the rest of GOT7 were 100% ready to try and stop him from his lyric checking habits while on tour! With Jackson being caught red-handed checking the monitor for his lyrics in Melbourne and even in Bangkok during their fan festival…


When their Keep Spinning tour hit Europe, his members put their plan into action to help Jackson remember his rap lines for “Save You”. Starting their plan in London, Youngjae tried his absolute hardest to prevent Jackson from even seeing the monitor even if Jackson tried his hardest to find ways around Youngjae!


With Youngjae’s attempts in London not going quite as planned, when they hit Berlin they decided to up their blocking attempts with all of the members getting in on the action!


And when that seemed to work better, they decided to do something similar in Madrid. This time, however, they added some energy to their “blockade” and hyped him through his rap all the way to victory!


So by the time they reached Paris, not only had the perfect solution to stop Jackson from stealing glances at the monitor but Jackson had fully memorized his lyrics too! And just look at how happy he was!