GOT7’s Jackson AKA “Uncle Jackson” Stole Everyone’s Heart By Taking Care Of A Child Model On Set

He even made sure her shoes were dry after filming in water!

GOT7 Jackson‘s rapping, singing, and dancing skills are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jackson’s many heart-fluttering qualities. And recently, fans got to see one of his most deadly qualities in action!


Not too long ago, child model Jung Ah Young and her mom posted photos from a recent CF filming Ah Young did with Jackson. Ah Young’s mom first shared that when he arrived on set, Jackson immediately greeted them and then made sure to get some pictures with Ah Young.


Things just got sweeter from there, however! Next Ah Young’s mom shared a clip from the CF along with some more behind-the-scenes photos of her daughter and Jackson.


Along with the clip and pictures, Ah Young’s mom went on to reveal just how kind and caring Jackson was! Since they were filming in water, Jackson took the time to make sure Ah Young’s feet were dry and even cleaned the water out of her shoes and dried her socks himself!

I’m uploading a mom’s version of the video that I’ve been hiding because it hasn’t aired yet. #GOT7 #GOT7Jackson #WithUncleJackson #CommercialShoot #Idol #BigStar #JYPEntertainment #Jackson #KingJackson #ChildModel #CommercialModel #KidsPlanet #JungAhYoung

He even cleaned out her shoes of the water that got in during the filming just in case Ah Young’s feet would get cold. #UncleJackson even asked for a dryer and dried her socks himself. The filming was really a dream come true. It will remain as a beautiful memory that won’t be forgotten. And to Manager Lee Ji Young who was with us for the filming, thank you for your hard work. Thank you always.


If that still wasn’t sweet enough, Jackson finished off his time with Ah Young by giving her some sweets and a handwritten note saying, “Ah Young-ah~! You worked hard today! You’re really cute and you are really good at dancing too! Listen to your mother well and I hope you like the candy! Uncle Jackson.”


Jackson’s kind, caring, and sweet interactions with Ah Young and her mom have been stealing hearts everywhere and is it any wonder! You can check out more of Jackson and Ah Young’s interactions below:

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