GOT7’s Jackson Wang Was Worried F(x)’s Amber Liu Was Kidnapped When She Called To Borrow Money

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In a recent interview, f(x)‘s Amber Liu was challenged to call her friend GOT7‘s Jackson Wang to request he send her money.

At first, Jackson didn’t answer her call to her relief since she didn’t want to ask to borrow money. She left a voice message, saying, “I was shooting something. You don’t need to call back.” However, a few minutes later, he returned her call, much to Amber’s dismay.

The interviewers helped Amber formulate a backstory for her to explain to Jackson why she needed money. Since she was in China for work, she ran out of Chinese currency. He asked what exactly she needed it for. She replied simply that she needed some money to spend for food and bills, which he approved.

However, when she specifically asked for $100,000 RMB, which is approximately $15,669.81 USD, he became suspicious. He asked, “Have you been kidnapped? Tell me, calm down and tell me.” 

Amber then proposed the reason for the large sum of money was to feed her boba addiction, but Jackson wasn’t buying it! She explained that each boba pearl was handmade, and it also came with a gold cup and straw.

Jackson felt his friend was being scammed and tried to talk her out of it whether she was kidnapped or not. After some convincing, he finally gave in when she told him that she would be able to keep the golden straw and cup. There was just one condition… Amber had to send him the boba tea company’s information so that he could sue them.


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Even after finding out that it was just a prank, Jackson still agreed to send his friend at least $100 USD!

Check out the full video clip below:

Source: Jiaer Subs, sarangoppavideo, Image and Weibo