GOT7’s Jackson Wang “Gets Real” About Living Free Of Judgement


GOT7‘s Jackson Wang appeared on DIVE Studios podcast “GET REAL” with Ladies’ Code Ashley Choi, KARD‘s BM, and BTOB‘s Peniel.

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Ashley shared that her parents have been living in the States and haven’t returned to Korea out of fear that others will judge them.

Jackson spoke in agreement that his mother thinks similarly.

Their parents believe that anytime you leave to live somewhere else, people will perceive you as a failure if you return home after a while.

Jackson emphasized that your own happiness is what should be focused on rather than the thoughts of others.

Ashley agreed and said she wishes that her parents would ignore the potential judgment from other people. She believes that if they returned to be with family, then they would end up being much happier.

“You really got to know what makes you truly happy.” Jackson added as he expressed sadness over her personal story. “Like not how other people judge and view you, you know.”

BM chimed in as well, stating that if you continue to worry about other people’s lives over yourself, you will end up disadvantaged.

Don’t let other people’s views really dictate how you move and you maneuver through life. That can put you in a huge hindrance and stop you from making bigger moves. So, you know, do you and don’t really care.

— BM

Jackson finalized his thoughts on the subject by sharing on the dangers of gossiping.

It’s sad to gossip. I will just say that. Yeah, so don’t really care about how other people will judge you and focus on your route.

— Jackson Wang

You can watch the full clip below.

Source: DIVE Studios Podcasts
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