GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Love For Music Is So Great, There’s Never Been A Time He Felt Like Quitting

Even in the most challenging times, he couldn’t give up.

During his guest appearance on GOT7 Youngjae‘s radio show, Youngjae’s Best Friend, fellow member Jackson Wang revealed his unshakeable mentality and love for music and art.

Jackson was asked if there was ever a time in his career that things got so difficult he wanted to quit, and his response reflected his attitude not just toward work but his entire life.

First, Jackson was hilariously blunt in his answer, and though his words seem harsh, it’s simply the truth.

To be honest, every moment in life is hard. It’s hard. If it was easy, I would do everything.

— Jackson

| MBC Radio/YouTube

But despite the hardships, Jackson counters all negativity and anxiety with one question: “How much do I love this?”

Whether it’s his career, hobbies, or relationships, if Jackson truly cherishes and loves it, there’s absolutely no way he’d give up in the face of adversity. Where there’s a problem, there’s a solution, and even if it takes a while to find it, even if he has to try hundreds of times before succeeding, even if there seems to be no solution, Jackson is determined to overcome.

If I love someone [or something] a lot, I’ll be able to overcome all these problems, worries, and hardships.  I end up holding it in and solving it.

— Jackson

With music, when the trials and insecurities made it hard for him to create or be satisfied, Jackson never thought about quitting. His focus was always on solving the problem and overcoming the slump, which is a testament to his unshakeable passion and love.

Jackson has opened up about his struggles with depression and anxiety, and his latest album, MAGIC MAN, reflects his most vulnerable and truest emotions. It’s proof that for Jackson, quitting is never on the table; whatever he faces, he’ll take it straight on. By doing so, Jackson realized that it wasn’t his love for music that changed, but rather his mentality towards music that caused him to struggle.

As an idol with constant schedules and dealing with intense competition and uncertainty, Jackson slowly started treating music strictly as his work, as his profession, to the point where it wasn’t the music that was the focus but the reception and the success. He lost sight of the emotional weight and artistry that initially drew him to music.

But as I worked hard, I thought this. Music has a feeling (as well as fashion and art), but I’ve been working so hard.

— Jackson

Now that he’s rediscovered his love for music and creativity, he’s never letting it go, and it’s allowed him to be an even better artist. Remember that throughout the most difficult times in life, and even in the most mundane, as long as you love something, there will be a way to overcome and flourish.