GOT7’s Jackson Wang Proves He’s More Than Ready To Be An Avenger In New Pepsi Commercial

“Actor Jackson Wang when!”

It seems like there is nothing GOT7‘s Jackson Wang can’t pull off. Fantasy prince? Check. Victorian ‘magic man’? Check. Marvel superhero? Check! His recent stint as an action star in a new Pepsi commercial has fans comparing him to none other than one of the OG Avengers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

With some pretty sleek-looking stunts and his strong athleticism, Jackson has made a strong case for him to get his own turn as a superhero. And with the bow and arrow, it’s impossible to ignore how well he could fit in in Marvel StudiosHawkeye show on Disney+!

| via @jackyverse/Twitter 

Fans are already imagining ‘Hawkeye Jackson Wang’ and calling for ‘Actor Jackson’…

And Jackson’s undeniable visuals certainly help!

Additionally, Jackson is no stranger to martial arts. Coming from a family of professional athletes, Jackson was originally training to compete as a fencer in the 2012 London Olympics before he decided to pursue music instead. In fact, even years after having given up training, Jackson still managed to beat Korea’s Olympic gold-medalist, Gu Bon Gil, in a fencing match.

Recently, Jackson has also given fans a peek at some of his workout sessions, showing that he also now trains in boxing.

Jackson seemingly suits the role of Hawkeye so well that a fan edit of him with Florence Pugh‘s MCU character, Yelena Belova, made for an explosively epic scene worthy of the MCU. In the Marvel comics, Yelena Belova assumes the mantle of Black Widow, who forms one of Marvel’s most popular dynamic duos with Hawkeye. As evidenced by the fan edit, Jackson’s Hawkeye and Florence Pugh’s Yelena could easily make a fun team as the next generation Hawkeye and Black Widow!

You can see ‘Hawkeye Jackson’ in the full Pepsi commercial on the link below.