GOT7’s Jackson Wang Revealed Who Makes His Heart Flutter

They have always stayed by his side! šŸ’š

In an exclusive interview with iHeart Radio‘sĀ Most Requested LiveĀ Ask Anything Chat, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang revealed if there’s anyone who makes his heart flutter!

| Jackson Wang/YouTube

A fan sent in a question and asked, “Is there someone that makes your heart flutter recently?”Ā Without hesitation, Jackson said, “Yes!”Ā He specified that it’s not just recently but actually since the day he debuted.

I would say all the people that support me and, you know, by my side … who supported me since day one, had hope in me, knew that I was, you know, capable of doing music.

ā€” Jackson Wang

He said that anyone who has ever believed in him, especially “you guys” are the ones who have made and continue to make his heart flutter! The feeling is mutual, Jackson.Ā šŸ’š

You can watch a clip from the interview below:

Check out Jackson’s latest song “LMLY” below:

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