GOT7’s Jackson Wang Reveals Who Helped Him To Open Up About His Emotions

Jackson is constantly growing.

In a recent interview and feature with METAL Magazine, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang opened up about his life and work.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | METAL Magazine

Jackson is known for his earnest attitude in interviews and his ability to stun interviewers with his honesty. However, it seems like in his personal life, Jackson struggled with opening up to others.

When first asked about his upcoming album Magic Man, Jackson explained that the album was meant to be a complete project inspired by his emotions. He further explained that for the past year, everything has felt like a loop, adding to his lack of inspiration and overall mental exhaustion.

I’m not a person who communicates with people or even talks to people. Because I felt like just living as a workaholic. I would think it’s such a waste of time to talk.”

— Jackson Wang

This may come as a surprise to some who know Jackson for his outgoing and friendly personality, something he admits his behavior is at odds with.

Jackson says that things came to a head when he was in the studio one day working with his producer, Isaac Han.

Isaac Han is a producer that has worked with many artists including GOT7(as a group and with Youngjae and Jackson individually), ATEEZ, Kard’s BM, and AleXa.

Isaac Han, Yang Iaoshi, Jackson’s parents, and Jackson celebrating Lunar New Year. | @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

He said that the producer stopped everything and made him sit and talk about life, something Jackson saw as a waste of time at that moment. However, Isaac Han insisted and Jackson says that conversation is what caused the change in his thinking.

“He asked, what is going on? And then honestly, for the first time, I actually felt like words mean a lot from friends. And I realised, how important it is to have positive people around you that inspire you”

— Jackson Wang

While Jackson isn’t at a point where talking about his emotion comes easy, he admits things have gotten better as time goes on and he’s able to open up easier to people about his feelings!



You can check out the full interview here:

Source: METAL