GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shares How He Would Style His Favorite Looks From His SPARKLES MUDANCE Collection

Three words to describe his fashion: simple, practical, and creative.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang recently released the SPARKLES-MUDANCE collection, and the line’s white and pastel pink theme makes it perfect for summer. In an interview with VOGUE Singapore, Jackson introduced a few of his favorite pieces and when he would wear them.

Jackson started by sharing what he might wear to airports or official events. Oftentimes, the air conditioning is on at a very low temperature during his official events, so for the sake of warmth while still looking fashionable, Jackson would wear the collection’s tracksuit. He also shared that his reason for creating the set was that he always loved tracksuits. For an artist, what more of a reason do you need to do something other than because you like it?

| VOGUE Singapore/YouTube

Jackson couldn’t help but crack a joke before presenting his choice for when he’s just chilling and hanging out. If he’s alone, he won’t wear anything at all, but if he’s with his friends, he has to show them respect and wear some clothes.

Still, to keep things as simple and chill as possible, Jackson chose the shorts from his collection and shared that he would pair them with a simple tank top and slides.

Jackson’s love for tank tops doesn’t stop there. When he introduced his gradient sleeve T-shirt, Jackson shared that he often cuts off the sleeves of many of his short sleeve T-shirts, so to make things easier and create an innovative design, this seemingly simple T-shirt has rip-off sleeves.

Finally, Jackson’s favorite pieces in his collection are the floral bikini and cropped tank top. He couldn’t stop boasting about them and even jokingly set them aside, saying they deserved more than just sitting on a rack.