GOT7’s Jackson Wang Thinks That He’s Going To Gain Weight After Moving In With His Parents

“When you’re with your parents… you will gain weight!”

In an interview with radio host and YouTuber Brooke Morrison, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang talked about life after moving in with his parents.

Jackson with his parents | @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

Jackson recently moved back to China and decided to live with his parents after being separated for ten years. While he is still very busy, working on both music and fashion for TEAM WANG, he knows that he will be able to see his parents at the end of the day.

| Brooke Morrison/YouTube

Since his contract with JYP Entertainment ended, he has been enjoying the freedom. He said that he has a lot more time to focus on his projects and have a personal life. He shared that recently he has been hanging out with his parents.

We go shopping, we go to the mall, we go [for] dinner, we make food, you know, talking to them … because I’ve been separated with my parents for ten years so I just want to … spend some decent time with them.

— Jackson

| Brooke Morrison/YouTube

Later in the interview, Brooke asked Jackson what his go-to cheat meal is. As one might expect, he revealed that he loves Chinese food, especially dim sum! He added, “This is a thing, you know when you’re with your parents… you will gain weight!” 

Mom and Dad will be like, ‘Hey, eat this, eat this!’ and I’m like, ‘Wow, amazing, I love it!’ And after I eat everything, ‘Oh, that’s just the appetizer,’ right, and we still have the main meal…

— Jackson

| Brooke Morrison/YouTube

Jackson credits his parents for his weight gain of six kilograms (around 13 pounds). While he’s stressed about the extra weight, we think that he still looks as handsome as ever! He has worked hard and deserves to treat himself.

You can watch the full interview below:

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