GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Treatment Of His Coachella Crew And Dancers Showcases His True Personality

This was his second year performing at Coachella.

As K-Pop’s popularity skyrockets worldwide, more K-Pop acts have debuted on some of the biggest international stages, like the Coachella music festival in California. At this year’s Coachella event, artists like BLACKPINK, DPR LIVE, and DPR IAN rocked the stage, proving why they were invited to the festival.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang was also in attendance and showed his true personality with how he treated his crew and dancers!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | Singles Magazine

Over the last year, Jackson has been touring the world on his Magic Man world tour. So far, the artist has performed in numerous places on tour, including Thailand, Malaysia, and Europe!

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It was not a huge surprise to fans when Jackson was announced as one of the artists attending Coachella 2023, as the star made headlines for his performance last year. Jackson famously went shirtless during his performance, inspiring Thai actor Bible Wichapas Sumettikul to do the same during a performance.

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This year’s performance was iconic for many other reasons — in addition to performing several new songs, Jackson also brought out award-winning American musician Ciara and performed a medley of her songs with her!

The pair also went viral for covering rising fourth-generation girl group XG‘s “Left & Right” and surprise dropping a new collaboration song together.

While this iconic performance will surely go down in history, many attendees and fans couldn’t help but notice something near the end of Jackson’s performance that showcased his real personality.

As the set wrapped up and Jackson was preparing to perform his final song, the musician took the time to name all of his dancers individually, the live band performing with him, and the show’s producer!

This sort of thing is more of a rare occurrence with performing artists, especially at festivals like Coachella, and even non-fans in attendance or watching the stream were impressed by his attitude.