GOT7’s Jackson Wang Is Overflowing With Love For His Members As He Can’t Stop Praising Them On “Youngjae’s Best Friend” Radio Show

GOT7’s biggest fan is Jackson.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang guested on fellow member Youngjae‘s radio show, Youngjae’s Best Friend, and throughout the show, he couldn’t hold back his endless love and praise for his members. Everyone knows that GOT7 share an unbreakable brotherhood, but when Jackson gushes over how amazing his members are, it never fails to melt Ahgases’ hearts.

When asked about his opinion on GOT7’s last comeback, “NANANA,” Jackson was being completely honest about how enjoyable of a time it was.

It was so comfortable! Everything is well organized. The title song is led by Jay B. I feel like I just have to follow.

— Jackson

MBC Radio/YouTube

He didn’t hesitate to praise Jay B for being such a fantastic leader, and he and Youngjae agreed that they have complete faith in Jay B and the direction he is taking GOT7 towards.

He also hopes to film a variety show like “Hard Carry” again with the members, where they can relax and be their chaotic selves together. It’s a wish we all hope will come true, and we know that all the members are hoping for the same chance.

I think we’re the most comfortable when the 7 of us are together.

— Youngjae

Jackson also couldn’t stop complimenting Jinyoung for his incredible acting skills that have won over the hearts of even those who don’t know much about GOT7. Though Jackson has many actor friends, Jinyoung stands out from all of them thanks to the stories and emotions he can convey just through his eyes.

Honestly, even if I’m close to someone, sometimes I can’t get immersed in the character that person plays. But it’s not like that when I look at Jinyoung’s work. That’s how good he is.

— Jackson

Even his recent playlist reflects his love for his members. While he can’t remember all the titles of Jay B’s songs, Jackson is in love with Jay B’s solo work and is streaming them alongside Ahgases.

He also gave his two cents on the song that best suits Jay B.

Out of all the songs, “Go Up” fits JAY B the best.

— Jackson

Of course, Jackson couldn’t flaunt his love for his members on Youngjae’s show without showering Youngjae with praises. Besides the promise of a “Jjap Jjap Project” (though we don’t know when it’ll happen), Jackson expressed his sincere interest in directing one of Youngjae’s music videos.

It’s something he’s mentioned several times to Youngjae and those around him, and given how all of Jackson’s music videos include his directing, him being the head director of one of Youngjae’s future music videos guarantees fans a masterpiece.

Jackson’s love for his members knows no bounds, and we can’t wait for GOT7’s next reunion.