GOT7’s Yugyeom And Jackson Embarrassed Jinyoung With Their Extra Dance Moves

Jinyoung was not ready for their extra moves:

GOT7 recently stopped in Paris where they left everyone breathless with their signature high-energy and flawless performances, fun ments, and hilarious interactions including the moment when Yugyeom and Jackson embarrassed Jinyoung to no end with their dance moves!


It all began when they started performing “Follow Me”. As they were performing, the ever-playful Yugyeom and Jackson headed over to Jinyoung and knew it was the perfect opportunity for a little teasing. After grabbing Jinyoung’s attention, Jackson kicked things off by really letting loose.


After Jackson had begun the teasing session, Yugyeom jumped right in. First, he made sure Jinyoung was watching him before he launched into his own extra dance moves!


And when Jinyoung saw the unique interpretations, he looked like he was so done with the two of them!


Luckily for Jinyoung, they didn’t keep their teasing up for too long!


Although Jinyoung looked like he was done with Yugyeom and Jackson’s teasing, Ahgase aren’t! They’ve been falling in love with this particular moment and all its embarrassing wonderfulness!


That’s GOT7 for you!