GOT7’s Jackson Only Had One Request From Yugyeom After He Was Gifted A Roll Of Jackson Memes

He had one single request for Yugyeom:

Over the years, Ahgase have made plenty of amazing memes from GOT7 moments and one of the key contributors to all those memes is none other than Jackson. But when Yugyeom ended up with a huge roll of his memes, well, Jackson’s reaction said it all.


A few weeks ago during one of GOT7’s fan sign events, Yugyeom received a very interesting gift from fans…a huge roll of Jackson’s memes!


So, of course, he had to show Jackson his present…


But when Jackson saw all those memes, there was only one thing he wanted to know…who had gifted Yugyeom those photos! With encouragement from Jackson, Yugyeom soon stepped forward and began asking the crowd of fans who had given him the scroll.


Who gave this to me?

— Yugyeom


Although no one stepped forward to claim the gift as their own, after Yugyeom told him he thought it was a foreigner who had brought the present, Jackson sent his love…

Thank you so much. I love you too…

— Jackson


But had one request from Yugyeom!

Can you burn this for me?

— Jackson


Whether or not Yugyeom decided to destroy the meme gift or keep it to tease Jackson with we’ll probably never know but for now, we can all enjoy Jackson’s hilarious reaction to seeing the gift!