GOT7’s Jay B Reveals What Influenced Him The Most To Sign With H1GHR MUSIC

“I talked with several companies, but…”

GOT7‘s Jay B has had a successful career that continues to grow in this new chapter of his life. To speak on the details of his future, Jay B sat down the GQ Korea for an interview.

Since Jay B and his fellow members separated from JYP Entertainment, Jay B signed with Jay Park‘s label H1GHR MUSIC. As to how he came to the decision of signing with H1GHR MUSIC, Jay B explained it was merely because of the companies allowance for creative freedom!

Q: How did you make your decision?

Of course, I was thinking about it a lot. I talked with several companies, but when considering the freedom and synergy, I felt like H1GHR MUSIC fit me well. It was the best decision.

— Jay B

Jay B expressed that even though H1GHR MUSIC is mainly a hip-hop company, he feels he can try out several genres with the lable.

Q: What kind of synergy and effect are you expecting?

I don’t think ‘I’m always about hip-hop!’ just because I joined a hip-hop label. I think that I can show the genre of R&B, dance, and pop genres through the label. I want to try many different things without any boundaries.

— Jay B


It seems that Jay B will be getting the creative freedom he desires. Jay B revealed that Jay Park informed him he doesn’t need to stick to one color and can make music comfortably.

Q: What did you talk about with H1GHR MUSIC’s CEO Jay Park?

From my point of view, this is a new challenge so I was a little nervous at the start but Jay Park’s thoughts were similar to mine. He shared with me ‘I want you to do music comfortably,’ ‘I don’t expect any certain color from you,’ ‘If you only focus on one thing, you’ll most likely end up locking yourself up,’ and ‘Let’s keep a lot open to trying.

— Jay B

With this great new artistic freedom, Jay B shared he feels he has a new understanding of responsibility and will be cautious.

Q: Will this period of time divide JAY B of the past and future?

Of course. If previously it was a situation where I mainly received benefits from the company, now that I have the autonomy, I feel that I should do things myself and I grew a deeper sense of responsibility in that way. I think there’s a need to be more proactive. And I plan on prudently moving forward one step at a time with an appropriate amount of nervousness. It’s the process of starting over, so I’m careful when deciding anything.

— Jay B

As to what motivated him the most to joining the H1GHR MUSIC family, Jay B expressed that he merely followed his gut feeling.

Q: What factors influenced your decision the most?

Feeling. I have a feeling of whether I think I can or can’t do something.

— Jay B

When told he had a good sense of direction, Jay B shared that Jay Park also recognized his great qualities. Jay B shared that Jay Park saw his talent and hard-working attitude!

Q: It seems like you have a good sense of the direction you want to move forward in.

I asked Jay Bum hyung why he recruited me and he said that skills were of course a factor but that I seemed like I would work hard consistently. It’s a given to be working hard on your own things but the most important thing is consistency. I’ve been doing that for a long time, and I’ll continue to do what I’ve been doing.

— Jay B

It appears that Jay B has contemplated the future he wants for himself and Ahgase (GOT7’s fans) know he will accomplish all his goals!

Source: GQ Korea